High Volume Testing

  The AlcoMate TS100 does not feature PRISM technology, but allows for approximately 1000 tests between re-calibration cycles (at least once per year). The TS100 also features an extremely compact form-factor and is one of the lightest weight fuel-cell breathalyzers available.
The AlcoMate Revo combines PRISM technology with maximum precision alcohol fuel-cells (like the TS100). Sensor modules can be replaced directly approximately every 1000 tests, or at least once per year, for near continuous high volume testing.
The AlcoScan AL3100 features PRISM technology, with sensor modules replaced approximately every 300 tests, or at least once per year. Although the AL3100 uses semiconductor alcohol sensors, it is designed as a larger table-top device that may be more appropriate for certain workplace or clinical sitautions.