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Established in 2001, AK GlobalTech has grown to become a market leader in the advancement of breath alcohol technologies throughout North and South America.

Our dedication to improving the quality of breathalyzer products and breath testing solutions has resulted in the development of our newest consumer-level products, the AlcoMate TS200, AlcoMate Premium and AlcoMate Prestige. The Prestige and Premium are the first and only consumer breathalyzers that eliminate the need for the costly, inconvenient process of re-calibration by offering easy-to-replace pre-calibrated sensor modules. The TS200 goes even further by being the first and only breathalyzer device that combines our patented PRISM technology with the maximum accuracy of fuel-cell alcohol sensors.

AK GlobalTech is a full-service breathalyzer company, providing calibration, repair, distribution and retail services, as well as development and integration of advanced testing applications. The company's goal is to contribute to a national network of safety procedures and protocols for the prevention of alcohol-related incidents both in and out of the workplace.

In addition, AK GlobalTech is committed to sustainability at every stage of our operations. We pledge to source ethically, minimize waste, and prioritize eco-friendly practices in our supply chain. Through collaboration with our partners and dedication to continuous improvement, we aim to lead the wholesale industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.  Please see our efforts for greener future here.  

Please contact us if you are interested in special product applications or projects, or if you have a general inquiry about our company or products.

Thank you, from all of us at AK GlobalTech.



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