Commercial Wall Mountable

  The AlcoScan AL3500SC series is wall-mountable and features PRISM technology, with sensor module replacement approximately every 300 tests or at least once per year. The device can be configured to accept either coins or dollar bills (US currency). The device features a clear, easy-to-understand voice chip that takes the user through instructions and results. The voice chip is available in either English or Spanish.
For international customers, the AlcoScan 3500 series (coin-versions only) can be configured to accept most currencies in coin form, as long as they are provided to our facility in advance. For bulk quantity orders, the voice chip can be customized to most destination languages.
The AlcoScan AL3500FC features PRISM technology as well as fuel-cell alcohol sensors, and is the large-format cousin of the handheld AlcoMate TS200. Each AL3500FC sensor module can handle up to 1000 tests (or one year) before needing replacement, which is quick and easy to do.