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Important: Only AlcoMate and AlcoScan brand products are covered for calibration service; in addition, the original "AlcoMate Model CA2000," "AlcoMate Pro" and "AlcoMate Plus" can no longer be calibrated due to lack of service components, as these devices have been discontinued for several years. If you own one of these discontinued models, please contact us by phone phone for further information and do not mail your product to our service center.

What is Calibration?

All breathalyzers indicate %BAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration), or g/dL, based on the information stored in the sensor's memory. Exact values of certain specific BAC data are stored so that the sensor can provide the most accurate readings.

Over time, however, these stored values lose accuracy as more tests are conducted. The stored sensor values deteriorate over time with continuous testing and external/ environmental effects. All breathalyzers must be recalibrated to refresh the sensor values and to allow the breathalyzer to obtain accurate readings.

How often does my breathalyzer require re-calibration?
It varies depending on the specific breathalyzer model and its usage but it is recommended that breathalyzers be calibrated every 200 tests (1000 tests for the AccuCell) or at least once yearly (whichever comes first). Also, if a large number of "high positive" (high alcohol) readings are taken by the device, you may need to have calibration service performed much sooner than normally recommended.

Is there a charge for re-calibration?
Yes, the fee is $50.00 for the AlcoMate AccuCell fuel-cell breathalyzer and $35.00 for all other AlcoMate and AlcoScan handheld devices that do not feature PRISM technology. The fee includes return shipping to you. All breathalyzers that do not feature PRISM technology require periodic re-calibration, which is not covered under any warranty.



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along with a $35.00 ($50.00 for AccuCell) check or money order payable to AK GlobalTech Corp. This fee includes return shipping to you. Please include a complete return shipping address and daytime contact telephone number. You may send your device in its protective case or pouch, but please do not send mouthpieces, user's manuals or loose handstraps unless you are returning your product for repair or replacement.


How long does it take to return a breathalyzer sent in for re-calibration?
There is a varying window of processing time depending on season, load and other factors. We would suggest contacting us by phone shortly after shipping out your device for expedited service. In order to avoid the downtime involved with mail-back calibration, we would strongly recommend purchasing a breathalyzer with PRISM technology.

What is PRISM Technology?
Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Modules (PRISM) eliminate the need for re-calibration, and are only available for the AlcoMate TS200, the AlcoMate Premium and the AlcoMate Prestige. Please watch the 2nd video on our home page for more information.